Welcome to our new and updated Backyard Grill and Bar Website

Well, it is the start of a new year and along with it, it is also the start of a new and improved web site for us.

We are pleased to present to you our new Backyard Grill and Bar web site. While it still has the same look to it, there are many new changes to the site.

One of the changes is that we now have sections for each of our store locations where we will hilite the happenings and events of each location. And if you can’t find us we now have current up to date maps of where each restaurant is located.

We also have a section where you can see the current months lunch specials as well as the option to print the months lunch specials on your printer.

So please, look around and we hope you enjoy your stay at The Backyard Grill and Bar site. If you have any comments, please go to our comments section and let us know what’s on your mind.

Keep checking back as we plan to continue to expand and add to our site.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rich and Martin


  1. rob sarich says

    I was just wondering if you were having your golf outing this year Thanks Rob

    • The Golf Play Day is Monday, August 1st, 2011 at Westlake Golf Course. Come in to the backyard to sign up.

  2. I am curious as to if your restaurants have paper applications, on-line applications, and/or both? I am thinking of applying, so the sooner I am able to start working at that, the better! 🙂
    Respose will be greatly appreciated, please and thankyou.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Currently we only accept paper applications for jobs. Please come into any of the locations closest to you and ask the manager for an application.
      Thank you for considering The Backyard for a place of employment.

  3. hi I was just wondering if any of your locations have karaoke and what night of the week?

    • backyardblog says

      Thank you for asking about activities at Backyard Grill and Bar.
      I am sorry to say that no, we do not have a karaoke night at any of our locations. However we do have a fun Pub Quiz night on Wednesday nights starting at 8:00 p.m. at our Loves Park Backyard Grill and Bar.
      Pub Quiz can be a fun time where you and up to 3 other friends answer all types of questions for a chance to win the grand prize for the night.

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