Backyard Grill & Bar’s Web Site now has “One Tap” calling

Have you ever been scrolling through the Backyard Grill and Bar web site and wanted to call for a reservation or to place a take out order, but you had to look for the restaurant page in the web site to find the phone number, try to remember the number or write it down and then dial the number?

That problem has been solved for you if you are using your mobile phone!

We now offer “One Tap” calling to any of our restaurant locations using your mobile device that is capable of making telephone calls.

Here are our numbers and they are One Tap ready”

Loves Park – 815-636-9430

Roscoe – 815-623-6677

Cherry Valley – 815-332-4176

If you are browsing our web site using your mobile phone or mobile device that can make telephone calls, just scroll down to the bottom of any page you are on and you will see our telephone numbers listed by location.

Just tap on the number you want to call and it will bring up your dialer with the telephone number loaded and you can immediately place your call to that Backyard location.

You will also be able to use One Tap on any of our BYG  pages where our telephone numbers are listed.

We hope this new enhancement makes your mobile browsing on our web site more pleasurable.

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